About ICAL

Indian Cultural Association of Limerick (ICAL) is a registered non-profit, tax exempt organization, started on November 4, 2019. It was started by a group of like minded people to communicate with the mission to grow into a strong organization with great values.

Indian Cultural Association of Limerick (ICAL) today exists for promoting Culture, Art and Literature of Indian ethnic community and for charitable causes impacting lives of people in need around the County Limerick. ICAL has grown into a strong leadership position and remains an organisation representing the Indian community in Limerick

ICAL continues to serve Indians. It is dedicated to the development of Indian cultural activities in County Limerick. ICAL regularly hosts social and cultural events and encourages people in the community to participate with a high level of participation and contribution. ICAL also raises funds for social causes for non-profit charities.

Our Vision:

Together, shaping the future of a strong and vibrant Native Indian community in Limerick by raising awareness of our culture while preserving our cultural heritage

Our Objective

  • Provide forum to maintain and share Indian culture, heritage and literature.
  • Interact with other communities with a view to promote unity.
  • Nurture and promote Indian culture and friendship by organizing various cultural events and social events.

Our Mission:

Creating an environment where we can promote and strengthen Indian culture, traditions and values ​​through community participation, cultural and social programs, religious celebrations, education and healthy living, bringing the Indian community together, thus creating a well-educated and self-confident community of Indians that proudly stands alongside other communities and contributes to multicultural County Limerick.